K2 Series Motorized Rigging Strap

GSRT2512 Flexible Electric Life Hanging Anchor

  • K2 series of GSRT2512 flexible electric winch crane adopts frequency conversion technology and operates at constant speed in full stroke. When multiple cranes are combined, they can rise and fall synchronously regardless of the difference in installation position or uneven load. RS485 port is remotely controlled in the central control room, and it can supply power and data transmission to the suspended equipment with the electric synchronous wire receiver. Motor with 220W operation power lifting 250kg load, low power consumption, as, is the best choice for hotel banquet hall light lifting scheme.
  • Main functions:
  • · built-in frequency conversion circuit ensures consistent loading and unloading speed for heavy and light loads.
  • · built-in control system, remote control can be realized through port RS485.
  • · low voltage control, weak current dry contact control.
  • · double brake system, heavy load electromagnetic brake, safe and durable. Electronic brake, soft brake.
  • · gear (transmission), precise helical helical transmission, full load operation noise as low as 68 db.
  • · overload protection, electronic over-speed current limiting protection design, the limit is not more than 20% of the rated weight, to prevent extreme overload, effectively avoid the danger caused by overload.
  • · equipped with built-in optical coupler sensor to provide timely feedback to the control system, forming a closed loop detection, providing data for creating changeable stage effect, and setting travel positioning at will.
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  • Specs
    • GSRT-2512
      • Product Dimensions
      • Net Weight
      • Max Load
      • Power
      • Max Travel
      • Voltage
      • Ceiling Opening Dimensions
      • Dry Contact
      • 485 Control
      • DC5-12V Trigger Control
  • Sketch
  • Video
  • Standard Accessories
    • 9p Canon socket
    • 8" circle
    Control Options
    • Wireless administrator component
    • Wall Swtich
    • RS485
    • Emergency stop device
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