K3 Series Motorized Rigging Strap

GWRT 3509 Electric Incline Hanging Anchor

  • Grandview K3 series GWRT 3509 features a wire mechanism electric elevation point,with the RS485,can be synchronized for operation of multiple lifting point groups and remote control in the central control room;with electric synchronizing together for the lift,can be paired with the proper equipment of power supply and data transmission;synchronized guidance device ensures that the traction cables are arranged in order;featuring a vector incersion circuit board in the rated load range,even if the weight of the same group of the housing points are different,the full movement running at average speed of 3.6/min;when using multiple hanging points,allows installation gap and user-friendly consideration of the potentially complex environment on the ceiling installation space,solving the structural constraints of the old products that require precise and exact height measurements in order for proper operations,the load is 350kg with 200W operating power.Low power consumption and cable traction to avoid any potential hazatds.
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  • Specs
    • GWRT 3509
      • Product Dimensions
      • Net Weight
      • Max Load
      • Power
      • Max Travel
      • Voltage
      • Ceiling Opening Dimensions
      • Dry Contact
      • 485 Control
  • Sketch
  • Video
  • Standard Accessories
    • 9p Canon socket
    • 8" circle
    Control Options
    • Wireless administrator component
    • Wall Swtich
    • RS485
    • Emergency stop device
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