K1 Series

Rigging Hoist

  • By adopting intelligent control technology, precise control of single or multiple units, single or multiple groups, constant speed driving and high-efficiency synchronization can be achieved through PC programming. It is suitable for hotel banquet halls, multifunctional conference centers, etc. It can be configured with an independently developed wireless administrator controller, which can provide a safer guarantee for remote operation or on-site control.
  • Main features:
  • • Built-in intelligent control circuit, with position and speed display.
  • • Built-in control system, remote control available through RS485 port.
  • • Built-in “Anti-Drop Mechanism”, providing more safety guarantee.
  • • Low voltage control, using weak electric dry contact control.
  • • Direct current braking system, heavy-duty DC electromagnetic brake, safe and durable.
  • • Gear Transmission Device, precise helical bevel gear reducer, full-load operation noise as low as 68db.
  • • Overload protection, electronic limit overload protection design, preventing extreme overload and effectively avoiding danger caused by overload.
  • • Incremental encoder provides timely feedback to the control system, forming a closed-loop detection and providing data for creating changing stage effects. It can be easily set to form a position.
  • • Mechanical and electronic dual limit switches, adjustable limit switches can automatically stop the hoist at any predetermined position during the rising or falling process to prevent overtravel.
  • • Lifting chain, G80 lifting chain, 6 times safety factor.
  • • Lightweight and durable cast aluminum casing.
  • • Compliant with JB/T5317-2016 standard.
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  • Specs
    • GCRT 1012
      • Product Dimensions(mm)

      • Max Load(kg)

      • Power(w)

      • Max Travel(mm)
      • Precision(mm)
      • Noice(dB)
      • Voltage(v)
      • jib attachment(mm)
        Suspension Installation
      • Ceiling Opening
        Can Be Customized
      • Dry Contact(Y/N)

      • 485 Control(Y/N)

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